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The Sixth Form enables pupils to achieve their full potential, as they are urged to take on challenges outside their comfort zones which will help them to flourish in school and in the future.

Our Careers Centre  provides access for pupils throughout the Senior School to a comprehensive range of on-line careers and higher education guides. This includes over 200 resources covering a wealth of up to date career opportunities, E-clips on-line (careers advice to Year 10-13 pupils) and ISCO (the Independent School Careers Office for all Year 10-13 pupils).

An extensive programme of Careers Talks with guest speakers is followed throughout the year.



We provide pupils with detailed, one-to-one advice on how to make choices for higher education and careers, how to apply to university and how to prepare themselves at every step (for instance, to give a good interview or present themselves in the best light to their chosen university). We will also brief parents on the university admissions process, so that they know what the process entails and how they can best offer support during what can be an anxious period in pupils' final year at school.

Expert guidance with University selection and the UCAS process

We work in partnership with ISCO/Futurewise to provide national guidance on university selection and the UCAS process. Futurewise sets the benchmark for excellent and progressive career guidance. It provides comprehensive and personalised service to today's generation of students to enable them to take control of their own career planning choices. 

All pupils are offered Gold membership of the ISCO/Futurewise scheme which involves undertaking a comprehensive 3-hour Morrisby psychometric assessment. The data from this assessment is then used to create detailed profiles of pupils’s abilities, interests and university course choices, mapped to possible career choices and destinations, so that each individual student receives tailored advice and guidance to suit their Morrisby profile, A-level subject choices and level of attainment. pupils are also supported by their personal tutor who will further advise on university choices and the UCAS process. A programme of events and courses are also run throughout the year, planned and delivered at key milestones in the academic calendar, to best prepare pupils for HE study and the wider world beyond university. This has involved more than 40 speakers in the last two years, each experts in their particular field, who can offer invaluable advice and guidance in their chosen specialism. Some speakers are also available for follow up mentoring and/or work experience opportunities.

More information on Futurewise can be found here including a video and parent brochure.  

Expert guidance with University mock interviews (inc. Oxbridge)

We have established links with Oxford University who host Stonar pupils seeking Oxbridge applications. This enables our ‘University Challenge’ pupils to meet academic staff and pupils, and discuss the rewards and challenges of academic life. Members of the School Governing Body are also available for mock interviews, and these also draw on their own unique and specialist areas of expertise.

Advice and support with writing a UCAS personal statement

Regular workshops are provided, in partnership with ISCO/Futurewise, on drafting and editing personal statements. In addition, pupils receive advice on interview skills using role play, and feedback is given in terms of how to make a favourable impression. Resources are also available in the careers office on writing a UCAS personal statement.

Advice on cv writing and letters of application

Detailed advice and guidance on writing a cv and letters of application is provided in the tutor programme, and resources are also available through the ISCO/Futurewise pupil portal that is accessible for all pupils. Pupils are encouraged to document their own academic achievements, skills and knowledge and personal interests and individualised guidance is available to help with cv production and letters of application.

Help with arranging suitable work experience

Innovative programmes of work experience are offered to pupils from Year 12 upwards, and this has included intensive three-day work experience in health and social care at the RUH, Bath, and legal work experience at the Crown Court, Swindon. Pupils can arrange their own work experience placements or via the school’s list of approved work experience providers.

Advice and guidance on taking a GAP year

Careers evenings are provided to all Senior School pupils on taking a GAP year, and these involve established partnerships with approved GAP year providers (e.g., The Leap, Gap 360). Pupils are also given opportunities to attend GAP year fairs held at University campuses.

Advice and guidance on funding higher education

Resources are continuously revised and updated for Sixth Form pupils in terms of the changing landscape for pupil loans, bursaries and scholarships. Pupils can discuss the financial implications of attending University, based on pupil’s own unique circumstances, in one to one meetings with the Head of Careers. This enables them to make informed decisions on attending University and access funding opportunities that may not be widely known.

Careers guidance, including alternatives to University

Careers evenings are provided on alternatives to University, enabling pupils to make more informed choices on career choices and work opportunities after Stonar. Pupils can make use of the careers office resources on an open-access arrangement (Mon-Fri from 9 am to 5 pm) and/or book a 1:1 careers appointment with the Head of Careers for up to one hour, to discuss their career plans.


Anthony Curtis, Head of Careers talks about planning your career here in an article published in BRITAIN magazine.

pdfPlanning Ahead Anthony Curtis


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