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 “The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent”   ISI Inspection Report

Our staff don't just teach: they educate. Pupils really enjoy the blend of academic challenge, support and inspiration. We develop the transferable skills – problem-solving, team working, leadership – young people will need to deal with a future where the only constant is change. How do we do this? A broad and imaginative curriculum, high expectations, excellent teaching and the high-intensity care that comes from dedicated staff and small classes.

Moving through Years 7 – 9, pupils learn to analyse and to manage their own learning. High fliers are stretched and there is exceptional support for those who need it. Every week pupils meet with their personal tutors to sharpen their study skills and reflect on their studies in a broader context including current affairs, careers, the arts and environment.

Years 10 and 11 lead to GCSEs. We want pupils to enjoy their time at Stonar, so we build the timetable, as far as we can, around their choice of optional academic subjects and outside interests – so that competitive riders and keen athletes, for instance, have time to practise. More subject information can be found here: pdfGCSE Options Booklet 2017

We keep a close eye on each pupil's academic and personal progress because we want to ensure that they fulfil their potential. Pupils can expect to be set challenging targets, and we work in partnership with parents to give all the help, support and encouragement that is needed. 

Our approach to all aspects of school life is simple. We want to motivate pupils to think for themselves, explore new ideas and develop independence, imagination, resilience, high aspirations and a sense of responsibility for their own progress. In this way they will acquire life-long learning skills and the ability to adapt to change.

Extra Curricular

Through the huge range of extra-curricular activities available, pupils discover their own interests and talents and learn to respect and celebrate those of others.

An array of clubs at lunchtimes and after lessons will enrich pupils' education at Stonar; there is something for everyone. Academic work will be enhanced by subject-specific and optional fun trips. There is broad choice when it comes to opportunities to challenge and extend experience. Inter-house competitions, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the chance to help others, both in school and in the local and international community, will develop vital team-working and leadership skills.

Able & Talented

Able and Talented pupils flourish at Stonar; the small class sizes mean that teaching staff can provide a high level of individual attention to all pupils. This means that very 'able' pupils are quickly identified throughout the school and provided with extra opportunities within the curriculum that will stimulate and stretch them. A range of extra-curricular events are also provided such as languages days, maths challenges and scientists' events, which allow more able pupils to work outside the confines of the curriculum.

For gifted riders and pupils with particular sporting talent, mentoring schemes are available which are tailored to suit each individual's timetable. 

Learning Support

The ethos at Stonar School is that of a 'whole school approach' to learning and developmental difficulties. The staff, academic and pastoral, are committed to identifying and providing for the needs of all children in a wholly inclusive environment.

Specialist teachers and learning support assistants in the Learning Support department are dedicated to caring for and providing the very best teaching and resources to support every pupil, who may need help at some time in their schooling, to achieve their full potential. Individual needs range from pupils who need short term help to develop and improve their study skills, to pupils who may have a specific learning difficulty and need to follow an individual work programme to improve their literacy or numeracy.

The department uses a variety of programmes, teaching materials and software, to provide a multi-sensory approach to learning. Learning Support also provides information and support to subject teachers in this close-knit, nurturing community.

There are many ways in which the department measures its success:

  • Improvements in individual reading, spelling and comprehension ages. We have seen some remarkable results.
  • Progress of pupils as measured by results in end of module tests and end of year school examinations.
  • Pupil perception of their own progress. This is most important to us, as growth in confidence and self-esteem is usually the key to learning.
  • Praise from parents regarding the support their child, as well as praise from Educational Psychologists and Speech and Language therapists.
  • The ultimate test - success in external examinations. Pupils who have received support from the department have achieved outstanding results in recent GCSE and A Level examinations.


Stonar offers EAL lessons to international pupils as part of the curriculum. Extra individual tuition may be advisable and can be arranged as required.

International pupils are encouraged to join in clubs at lunchtimes and after school. This is important for socialising and also helps them to improve their spoken English in an informal atmosphere.

An International Student's Society organises social events and is a forum for international pupils to voice their ideas and concerns. Every year an International Dinner is held. An international menu is provided and pupils organise entertainment including singing, poetry reading and sketches.

For further information see our guide for International Pupils.


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