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Prep Head's Welcome

At Stonar Preparatory School we aim to develop confident and independent pupils, prepared for the next stage of their education, by providing every individual with academic challenge and excellent pastoral care in a nurturing environment.

We develop confident pupils by encouraging them to experience a wide range of opportunities in a secure, caring and supportive environment. Each child gradually learns to become independent by starting to take responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and progress.
Small classes and experienced, specialist teachers provide academic challenge for every child, whose progress is regularly and rigorously reported to parents. If you would like to learn more please don't hesitate to contact the school's registrar to book a personalised tour.

Mr Mark Brain BA (Ed) Hons
Head of Prep


Our busy, lively curriculum, delivered by the Prep School’s excellent teachers inspires creativity and intellectual curiosity. Topic-led work brings an exciting dimension to the curriculum, immersing children in a learning experience which builds skills and knowledge across the subjects. The emphasis is firmly on active learning. Pupils enjoy lots of trips and activities which support their learning and keep them stimulated and engaged.


Some pupils show obvious academic ability from an early age; others may need more encouragement. At Stonar Prep we help each child discover their aptitudes and develop their confidence as they experience numerous opportunities within and beyond the classroom. Pupils are encouraged to aim for the best in all that they do, whether it is academic, sporting, creative or performance, and we have high expectations of them.

We encourage the boys and girls to take responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and progress. This helps them become more independent. We involve parents in their child’s education at every step along the way; progress is regularly and rigorously reported and the achievements of pupils are recognised and celebrated.

Because the children learn and grow within our secure and nurturing environment, they develop a caring attitude towards each other, their school and the world around them. This is underpinned by the Prep School CARE code which was devised by the children to summarise our school rules;

Communicate kindly

Aim high – always do your best

Respect – treat others as you would be treated yourself

Enjoy – and appreciate what you have.

As part of the NACE Schools group, Prep children have unique opportunities for language immersion, exchanges and links with pupils in Spain and France. Progress is monitored by form tutors so the more able pupils receive challenging tasks that take them beyond their comfort zone; our outstanding Learning Support department is available for girls and boys with specific individual learning needs.

When pupils progress to the Senior School, we ensure that they are ready for the next stage of their education as confident learners equipped with the skills required to thrive.

The Arts

The visual and performing arts are vibrant and diverse at Stonar Prep. Everyone gets involved. Numerous opportunities to perform in front of friends, parents and staff help to improve each child’s self-confidence and belief.

The boys and girls produce stunning art work in the modern art studio where the chance to work in a range of media allows them to experiment creatively with different styles and methods.

Music is at the heart of life in the Prep School. The children not only learn about music; we encourage every child to play and perform in assemblies, class, formal and informal concerts. Specialist music teachers give individual instrumental and vocal tuition; this is very popular and many children take music exams.

Drama is inspirational. The Prep children love performing and there are plenty of opportunities for them to try out a variety of styles. Many will take part in Prep and Pre-prep productions, festivals and public events, performing to varied audiences; a specialist drama teacher also coaches those who are keen to take Speech and Drama qualifications.


Superb facilities enable Prep pupils to experience many different sports. They will not only develop their core skills but will learn to enjoy competition.

The boys and girls are taught by specialist sports coaches from the age of two with an emphasis on enjoyment, participation and excellence. All children compete in an inter-schools’ fixture programme from age seven. As well as regular matches with local independent schools, our teams also participate in national competitions.

Activities & Trips

Children have a natural thirst for adventure and so we run an exciting array of extra-curricular activities, workshops and trips throughout the year. Through adventure and discovery, boys and girls become more self-aware; they develop empathy, independence, reliability and team work.

Each Prep year group (Y3-6) has at least 3 opportunities to go on residential trips when they will stay away from home from 1- 5 nights. There is a vast selection of lunchtime and after-school clubs to choose from, which instil a love of learning and provide opportunities for children to work independently in less formal circumstances.

Learning should be exciting and not just in the classroom. We run workshops where children practise their new knowledge and skills, we organise subject-related visits and invite authors and expert speakers to come in and inspire the girls and boys. Sometimes we set normal lessons aside to focus on a single topic for a whole week.

Activities include

Wool craft
Improvers swimming
Messy art
Chess club
Extension Netball

Art and textiles
Handwriting club
Fundamental movement skills
Designing/making traditional toys
Science Club
Team Games

Elite swimming
Ballet and Tap
Board Games
Beginners’ tap
Martial Arts

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