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Activities & Trips

Children have a natural thirst for adventure and so we run an exciting array of extra-curricular activities, workshops and trips throughout the year. Through adventure and discovery, boys and girls become more self-aware; they develop empathy, independence, reliability and team work.

Each Prep year group (Y3-6) has at least 3 opportunities to go on residential trips when they will stay away from home from 1- 5 nights. There is a vast selection of lunchtime and after-school clubs to choose from, which instil a love of learning and provide opportunities for children to work independently in less formal circumstances.

Learning should be exciting and not just in the classroom. We run workshops where children practise their new knowledge and skills, we organise subject-related visits and invite authors and expert speakers to come in and inspire the girls and boys. Sometimes we set normal lessons aside to focus on a single topic for a whole week.

Activities include

Wool craft
Improvers swimming
Messy art
Chess club
Extension Netball

Art and textiles
Handwriting club
Fundamental movement skills
Designing/making traditional toys
Science Club
Team Games

Elite swimming
Ballet and Tap
Board Games
Beginners’ tap
Martial Arts

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