Sports Day

A great afternoon of sport with lots of new records set!

Our new record holders, some of whom now hold multiple records can be particularly proud of their endeavours.

Georgina Bond, Year 7 - 100m
Natalie Grimes, Year 7 - 300m, 1,500m
Niamh Gregory, Year 9 - 200m
Kimbalee Trube, Year 10 - 300m
Ines del Rio Vazquez, Year 7 - Triple Jump
Eva Ungar, Year 9 - Triple Jump
Celeste Crouch, Year 12 - 300m
Spencer Dymond-Hall, Year 7 - 100m, High Jump, Triple Jump
Robert MacLeod, Year 7 - 200m
Henry Haisma, Year 7 - 300m, Javelin, Shot, Discus
Joseph Wills, Year 7 - 800m, 1,500m
Thomas Williams, Year 8 - 300m, 800m, 1,500m, Long Jump
Oliver Brogden, Year 7 - Long Jump
Daniel Tenerife, Year 8 - Javelin, Discus
Adam Crawford, Year 8 - High Jump

Congratulations to Kennet, overall house winners.

Full records and placings can be downloaded below: