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Year 6's glass-blowing experience

 Year 6 enjoyed a trip to The Glass Hub where they learned all about how glass is made as part of their topic, ‘Making New Materials.’

The visit gave them a practical experience of how glass is made, from the raw materials of sand (silica), soda ash and limestone. The science of changing states from solids, to liquids and gas was demonstrated to pupils as the materials were combined, then heated in the furnace to 2000 degrees to result in liquid glass. Pupils were excited to each have an opportunity to try out glass-blowing.

Pupils will share their learning with Year 1, who are also studying materials, at the end of the week.

The 'Making New Materials' topic is broad-ranging, facilitating the exploration of different materials through, science and history. Children have been required to employ personal learning goals of enquiry, communication, co-operation adaptability and international mindedness when finding out about, and discussing issues concerning materials and their properties.

The Glass Hub is a glass-making centre in Wingfield, near Trowbridge.



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