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Stonar Ski Trip

We thought they might never come home, but the ski trip group are back after a fantastic week in the Spanish resort of La Molina. Pupils have put together a full report of their trip below.

The journey -  by Jodie Thorn
The Stonar 2017 ski trip has been a huge success for both pupils and staff.
After very little sleep, followed by a very early start, we finally arrived at Barcelona Airport on Saturday morning and were greeted by our lovely guide, Santy. We had a stunning drive up into the mountains of Northern Spain. Every time we turned a corner, there was a new breath-taking view to admire.

The skiing -  by Grace Collins
Our first day was very tiring, especially for the beginners! We started with the basics; how to put on skis; how to stop! Our instructor, Jaume, helped us up as we fell or were doing the splits in our skis....

The next day, we went up the 'magic carpet' lift and learned how to put all of the skills we'd learned into action. Each day we moved up a level – green slopes, then blue, then red. Each day, we got a bit more skilful and more confident. But it did take a while to get the hang of chair lifts!

On the last day we even went on a ski jumping course, having a lot of falls and a lot of giggles! On the first day I'd never thought that I would get as far as I did. I just can't wait to go skiing again!

The instructors - Kirstie Ross
The instructors were really good; I've been skiing several times and these were the best I've ever had. We were in a small group of 4/5 and they were really patient with us. They managed to push us, without scaring us; it's a fine balance!

My instructor, Roc, taught us lessons about skiing that also applied to general life. I thought this was really clever. For example, he said that we should 'never say sorry for falling over, say sorry for not standing up.'

Evening activities - Niamh Gregory
Evening activities were a blast! We did different things each night, including bowling, swimming, card games, 'snake slide' sledging, 'Just Dance' and karaoke. I have to say, this was very entertaining, as the teachers joined in too!

I think that, out of all the activities, the snake slide sledging has got to be my favourite. This is where lots of sleds were joined together in a snake-like shape. We went up on the last chair lift of the day, and came down the piste in a snake, led by an instructor; all I could hear was screaming!

It was also very nice to have the jacuzzi and swimming pool, which overlooked the mountains, to relax in after a cold, hard working day. We looked forward to the activities just as much as to the skiing – they were a great end to each day.

What we learned

About skiing:
'I learned to turn more when skiing, to slow myself down.'
'I learned to close my turns – because this is what my instructor kept calling out to me!'
'I learned how to parallel ski and how to tackle a red slope, which was both fun and scary.'
'I learned lots of new techniques, such as how to do proper parallel turns.'
'I learned how to parallel turn and the importance of closing my turns.'
'I learned to close my turns properly and how to ski black slopes!'
' I learned to ski down a red slope – big achievement!'

About ourselves and life in general:
'I learned something about myself – I can be very organised when I need to be.'
'No matter how many times you fall, you can always get up and try again.'
'I learned how to fall asleep, even when Grace and Ellie and Meg were being a bit noisy!'
'I learned that I am more independent than I thought.'
'I learned to overcome my fears.'
'I learned that I can do whatever I put my mind to.'

What people said about Stonar pupils:

'This was a trip full of fun, learning and excitement. The girls worked so hard – I bet they're looking forward to getting back to school for a rest! The girls were a real pleasure to be with and their exemplary conduct and politeness were noted by both the hotel and the ski instructors. Those girls are a real credit to Stonar School.' Mark, 321 ski rep.

'The Stonar group were great fun, polite and helpful. They had such a good attitude and were open to learning new things. We really enjoyed teaching them.' Roc, ski instructor.

'Thank you to all of the pupils on the trip! You worked hard and made amazing progress with your skiing, persevered even when you were exhausted, organised your own kit, were polite and helpful at all times, joined in with everything and were such fun to be with; I really couldn't have wished for a nicer group.' Miss Gates, trip leader.

What the girls said about the trip
'It was amazing! In a way, I never wanted it to end!' Ellie, year 9
'It was the experience of a lifetime – I got to know lots of people really well and I learned to overcome my fears.' Charlotte, year 7
'I love skiing – it's my new favourite sport!' Grace, year 9




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