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Careers in Science and Maths

Year 10-13 Pupils were inspired by talks from a range of scientists at a Careers in Science and Maths event at Stonar.

Georgia (Year 12) said, "We learned that science and engineering is all about solving the world's problems such as electricity, education and connecting people together." Rosie (Year 12) said, "I learned that many things can be achieved using logic and applied methods and not just maths. I found the new angle of looking at engineering truly fascinating."

The three speakers covered a diverse range of fields. Barnaby Weston, an engineering specialist for FM Global and a member of STEMnet shared his scientific field-work in Africa which involved designing and building an innovative solar collector electricity scheme that helped many children and their families.

Ben Ross, a software engineer and technical specialist with SCISYS UK, shared his work in a variety of computer programming roles. His current work for the MOD as the technical lead for a team of programmers involves writing on-board software for an infantry fighting vehicle and he also described his work designing lifeboat rescue software.

Jane Snedden, a Chemistry graduate with many years experience of working within the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries spoke about her career as a chemist in the laboratory before moving into various management roles in Distribution, Customer Service, Technical Services, and Quality and Training.

Holly (Year 12) said, "I learnt a new side of engineering and discovered more about the range of jobs that you can do with science and maths. It was so inspiring!"

Anthony Curtis, Head of Careers, said, "This was an excellent careers evening with three highly skilled and professional scientists who shared with us both the theory and practice of science and maths in a diverse range of applications."


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