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Lessons in Prejudice in a Post EU World

Year 12 psychology students did a 'hands-on' practical experiment into the creation of prejudice in small groups and learned how mixing groups can also reduce prejudice and discrimination.


The small groups were divided up first into boarding vs day pupils and then a third 'mixed' group was made from this. Results showed that boarding pupils in particular created positive prejudice and that mixing groups reduced prejudice as measured by the ratings given to a house that each group made from Lego and Duplo blocks.

Nina (Year 12) said, "this study provoked awareness of how easy it is to create prejudice through simple acts of division. It exposed us to our unknowingly self-favoured opinion and highlights the importance of making conscious efforts to avoid non-self discrimination of individuals labelled as 'immigrants' in this new political era, as seen in the strong reaction following the UK's decision to leave the European Union."

Anthony Curtis, Head of Psychology, said "this 'hands on' research study was a great opportunity for the students to understand research in practice, whilst also learning more about the psychological impact of the EU referendum result at this important time in European politics. I have been particularly impressed with the students understanding of the political implications of 'Brexit' and how they were able to offer a deep psychological insight into the implications and consequences of this result from a psychological perspective."



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