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Sixth Formers on the Factory Floor

AS and A2 Business classes enhanced their studies this week, with a tour around the local Cereal Partners UK factory.

Having recently studied the operations side of a business, it was a particularly timely trip. Cereal Partners UK (CPUK) is an organisation that produces Nestlé's famous 'Shreddies' and 'Shredded Wheat' cereal. After a health and safety presentation and a brief overview of the company history and success since it was founded in 1895, we were taken into the factory.

First, we were able to observe the packaging of the cereals, then worked our way back through production to the very beginning of the process where the wheat is ground into thin layers. Of course, we were able to taste the products through the different stages, which was definitely a highlight of the tour for everyone!

All aspects of the production were run efficiently and the process was very capital intensive. It was interesting to see that a business can be so reliant on machinery rather than workers, and how one process flowed so well into the next. Having observed every aspect of the production, we are lucky enough now to put this theory into practice in our business lessons.

We learnt that CPUK are very proud of each of their products throughout the tour, and how they are able to live up to their reputation as one of the most well-known cereal brands in the UK today.

Issy Collins, Year 12.


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