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Full marks for Stonar in compliance inspection

Stonar has recently passed the Independent Schools Inspectorate's (ISI) Regulatory Compliance Inspection with flying colours, meeting all the regulatory requirements in every section, in full.

Inspectors praised the quality of the work that is done here at Stonar, after a rigorous and thorough inspection of every aspect of the school. Following the inspection, which was carried out in October 2015, the report is now available to download.

This is a new kind of inspection being trialled by the ISI and as such does not show grades for their findings, but rather provides explanation and supporting comments to back up the ISI's findings.

The ISI report endorses our teachers, who were described as 'knowledgeable' and comments, 'well planned teaching enables pupils to acquire new knowledge and skills appropriate to their abilities. Teachers at all stages of the school know the pupils and their needs well and are able to match lessons and tasks effectively to those needs.'

Inspectors found that 'pupils are consistently engaged in lessons', a finding backed up by questionnaires posed to our pupils where an exceptional 98% of pupils asked said their lessons were both interesting and engaging and 97% of parents agreed their child had made good progress during their time here.

The inspectors were most impressed by our pupils, saying of them 'Pupils throughout the school are articulate, confident and encouraged to discern and value the gifts they possess.'

Head, Dr Sally Divall commented, "I was particularly pleased with the positive responses from parents and pupils in the questionnaires. To see that the vast majority of parents agree that their child is happy, making progress and is well looked after is a ringing endorsement for the school."

"It is no small achievement to have passed the inspection so comprehensively, and I am delighted with the result. My thanks go to the outstanding staff here at Stonar; all of whom have played their part in this successful inspection."

pdfISI Compliance Inspection Oct 2015


Stonar has now received the report from our ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection in October. 


The report is available to download below and shows that Stonar meets all of the regulatory requirements in every area inspected, across the whole school.


“The inspection team were rigorous in their scrutiny of the school and so we are thrilled with this result,” commented Head, Dr Sally Divall. “I was particularly pleased to see that 97% of parents who responded agree their children are happy at Stonar and are making good progress as these are key points for the school.  In addition, 98% of pupils responding to the questionnaire reported finding their lessons interesting which backs up the inspectors finding that pupils are consistently engaged in lessons.”


As this is one of the new compliance inspections being trialled by ISI this term, rather than a full inspection, the report does not provide any grades for the quality of the provision at Stonar but it does include supporting comments about the school and examples that relate to the various regulations, as well as the outcomes from the parent and pupil questionnaires. 


The 2012 full Inspection Report described the school as follows: ‘The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent’ as is the personal development of pupils, supported by ‘extremely high levels of pastoral care.’


The report will be available from the ISI’s own website in January,



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