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Henry IV

Stonar's talented actors served up a feast of wit and gravitas with their production of Henry IV (Part 1).

The depth of Stonar's acting flair was exemplified by the whole-school representative cast; from Yrs 8 to Yr 13 there was a clear sense of verbal vibrancy and physical fun. As one parent put it at the interval, 'how do these girls do it?'

Wonderful melodic tunes delivered with aplomb by Anna Watson and Amy Tokel complemented the tightly constructed and rhythmical script. Providing a blend of convincing immaturity and impressive haughtiness, Liberty Nichols (Prince Hal) was every inch the future monarch, duelling with both wit and sword against the irrepressible and driven Alice Sheppard (Hotspur). Olivia Anniss (and fat suit) as Falstaff combined show-stopping one-liners with a wonderful physicality. Georgia Haslett, menacingly superior and assertive, proved she has the kingly 'right-stuff' as the audience sat up straight and paid attention to her every word.

Following the innovative direction and quirkily inventive adaptation of Nic Proud, Head of Drama, scenes of battle and strife merged symbolically with an equally tempestuous Autumn night. Dr Divall rightly paid tribute to the cast and crew for giving us a wonderful night's entertainment.


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