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Careers in Health and Medicine Evening

More than 40 Year 10-13 students and parents attended careers talks in medicine and health.

Dr. Megan Rowlands, a newly qualified GP and a Leadership Scholar, outlined her personal journey through medical school and shared her 'top-tips' for students seeking to pursue a medical degree and career in medicine.

Caryl Rundle, an experienced senior manager and social worker with more than 30-years' experience also shared her personal journey into training to be a social worker and then outlined the rewards and challenges of a career in health and social care.

Lauren (Year 13) said, 'This careers event was excellent and gave us an insightful view of both medicine and health and social care from two very different perspectives. It gave us all something to think about.'

Anthony Curtis, Head of Careers, said, 'This was a well-attended event and our pupils were able to really understand the theory and practice of being a doctor and a social worker from the complementary viewpoints of Megan and Caryl who were both inspiring speakers. I was particularly pleased and impressed by how many of our pupils asked good questions as well as answering questions that were posed during the talk in considered and informed ways.'




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