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Rise in top GCSE grades at Stonar

With the national press reporting that top GCSE grades showed a decline this year, pupils at Stonar achieved quite the opposite.The number of A* grades awarded rose by almost 4% on last year's results to 18%.

Over half pupils' grades in English Language and Literature were A* and As. Well over half of all Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs were awarded A* - A grades, as were French and Spanish results.

High flyers include:

Rainbow Cheng of Hong Kong, who gained 11 x A*s and 2 x A grades
Leila Gilding, of Bakewell, Derbyshire, who gained 8 x A*s and 3 x A grades
Alice Sheppard of Whitley, Melksham, who achieved 7 x A*s and 6 x A grades
Olivia Crouch of Holt, Trowbridge, who gained 6 x A*s, 4 x As and a B grade
Natasha Webster of Staverton, Trowbridge, who gained 5 x A*s and 8 x A grades

Professor Welham, Alice Sheppard's mother said "We are absolutely delighted. Alice has worked really hard and has gained excellent results". Alice plans to take Sciences and Maths at A Level, with a view to studying Engineering at university.

Lydia Shayler of Bath, confounded her previous school's predictions, gaining an A in English Language. Lydia's mother was overjoyed and said "Lydia's previous school were very negative about her ability; she has exceeded her own expectations and we are absolutely delighted. Stonar and these results have given her so much confidence; it's hard to keep the tears away."

With 18% of the grades across all subjects at Stonar awarded A* grade (three times the national average) it's easy to forget that Stonar admits pupils with a wide range of academic ability. However, every pupil takes the more challenging IGCSE in Maths, English and the Sciences.

"I am delighted to see so many pupils achieving highly and exceeding their own expectations. Stonar excels at helping pupils do this, both academically and personally," said Head, Dr Sally Divall.




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