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Year 9's Chocolate Challenge

Year 9 pupils were put to the test on 12th February, working in small groups to design a chocolate product and present it to a panel of judges.

They had to invent a company name, assign company roles (eg Chief Executive, Finance Director, Product Buyer etc.), produce a business plan based on production costs and projected sales data, and then design a marketing strategy to help promote the product. Finally they had to present their product to the whole year group and the judges. The groups also had to respond quickly to evolving business scenarios, including providing written memoranda on their progress during the course of the event. The intention was to simulate a real business environment. The event was organised by Jonathan Hardwick, South West Regional Director, ISCO/Futurwise, Stonar's partner careers provider.

The winning group was 'Zocolate' who produced a high end luxury chocolate with proceeds going towards animals in Africa. Team member, Abi Raybould said, "this was a really good educational experience, and also fun to take part. This workshop taught us a lot about business including the importance of team work, communication skills and also helped us prepare for our forthcoming GCSE choices."

Anthony Curtis, Head of Careers, said this was an excellent workshop with an evolving real world business scenario that helped pupils think about working in a fast paced business environment and also solve real-life problems in creative and innovative ways. It challenged all pupils in different ways and also enabled the development of independent thinking and reflective skills that will be useful in their future studies.


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