Year 5 and the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Year 5 rounded off their History topic on the Egyptians with a visit to the wonderful Tutankhamun exhibition in Dorchester. 

The children had learned that Tutankhamun was a relatively unimportant pharaoh; however, the discovery of his tomb which was had laid un touched for thousands of years had led historians and Egyptologists to learn much more about the lives of the Ancient Egyptians.

This wonderful museum and its exhibits enthralled the children as it transported  them  back in time to 1922, when on  a hot dusty archaeological site Howard Carter and his team discovered and excavated the long lost undisturbed tomb of Tutankhamun.  Year Five spent the day moving between the accurately reconstructed rooms of the tomb, listening to audio snippets, looking at photographs and sketching the beautiful artefacts that were discovered in Tutankhamun’s antechamber, burial chamber and treasury.