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Holocaust Memorial Day

Pupils from Year 5 – 13 have been remembering and learning about the Holocaust all week to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January.

Head of RS, Lucy Noad has been leading activities throughout the school. Year 5 and 6 and Years 7 and 8 each had sessions learning about the Holocaust, through the telling of a tale, Terrible Things by Eve Bunting. Pupils also heard about stories from holocaust victims and survivors, and why it is important, as the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust asks, that we keep the memory alive.

Year 9 are carrying out an extended project on the Holocaust throughout the term. This allows them to reflect personally on the reality of the holocaust and then express this in whichever medium they prefer. The picture, right, created by Marta Onieva Suarez is one example of the powerful work that emerges when pupils are given this creative freedom. This will be part of a collection she is putting together. Marta was inspired by the hearing about the life of one girl who survived and felt that photographs were the best way to depict what happened.

Indi Carter-Powell is creating an artwork where quotes are set alongside pictures. She says, “it is important that people can understand how much pain people lived through and survived; how humans could do something so horrible and come past it.”

Chloe Brown is taking a different approach and writing an imaginary diary about a family living through the persecutions, inspired by the story of a real family. The story will cover their journey as they take shelter with a Christian family, but are then discovered and are taken to camp.

Other works in progress from the group include a creative writing piece from Sophie who will tell the story of the holocaust in an allegorical tale. Lauren is preparing a cross stitch piece which she will use in conjunction with other imagery as part of a story board. Georgia will also be creating photographs showing traditional Jewish symbols, such as the minora, in situations to illustrate the persecutions; for example, wrapped in barbed wire.

The week was rounded off by a special assembly which Year 9 presented with a minute’s silence and the lighting of a candle to remember those who died.


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