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Personal development workshop for Year 12

A Level pupils at Stonar were the subject of their own study when they were encouraged to reflect on their own unique talents and abilities as part of 'Project You'.

'Project You' is a new and innovative personal development workshop offered by ISCO/Futurewise, the leading UK provider of careers advice and guidance.

Students were challenged to identify their strengths, aptitudes and talents, and then apply these in an increasingly fast moving education economy to help prepare them for future careers, many of which which have not yet been fully discovered or realised. They also produced t-shirts which reflected those skills required to succeed in their A Levels, together with a unique school logo.

Vivien Hallek (Year 12) said 'I really liked the active nature of this workshop, working together in teams to see how I need to be organised in my A-levels. It also opened windows, if not quite doors yet, to the future and was an amazing experience for us. Olga Shust (Year 12) said 'this course really helped us to be successful through helping us all focus, concentrate and set clear objectives in our studies'.

Anthony Curtis, Head of Careers, said 'this was a unique opportunity for A Level students to take time out to reflect on their achievements and talents, and then prepare for future challenges in a fast moving and rapidly changing work and education environments. Our students were stretched and challenged to respond to a series of problem based scenarios and they rose to the challenge with creative and original ideas which will help them prepare well for life in the sixth form and beyond Stonar'.




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