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A Lesson of Language and Culture in Barcelona

A cohort of pupils from Year 5-7 travelled to Spain recently, visiting Stonar’s sister school, the Agora International in Barcelona, on a journey of discovery of language and culture.

Pupils were partnered up with another pupil from Agora International who acted as a ‘buddy’ and who they attended lessons and activities with. “The pupils went out of their way to make us feel welcome,” said Poppy. “We made friends with children throughout the school,” added Hermione.

Hattie observed that while the two schools are very different in architecture and style … “we share the same values, such as respect your peers and the environment around us.”

The children were initially apprehensive of the language barrier but this soon broke down. “Although we started the week not understanding much that happened in lessons, by the end of the week we’d picked up much more Spanish,” said Millie.

As well as attending lessons in the school, pupils were taken on trips to visit Barcelona including cultural highlights such as the Palau de Musica, Las Ramblas and of course the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.

Talking about visiting the Sagrada Familia, pupils said that it was “too amazing for words. We felt like we’d wandered in to a forest.” Prior to their trip, pupils had visited Bath Abbey as part of a programme of inquiry and were able to compare the two cathedrals.  

Genevieve, summing up their experience, said “Barcelona is such a busy, crowded city, but one of the friendliest I’ve ever visited.” Georgia added, ‘it was a one in a million experience.”

Stonar’s plans are now well underway to develop a unique European and global facet to the pupils’ education that being part of the NACE group facilitates. Curriculum collaborations with other schools in the group, trips and exchanges, joint ventures and co-curricular opportunities will be gradually introduced, of which this is the first. 

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