Pupils prepare for trip to Spain

Pupils from Stonar's 'Barcelona Group' visited Bath Abbey as part of their preparations for visiting Catalonia on a language immersion trip next month.

Pupils from Years 5-8 will be travelling out to Stonar's sister school, the Agora International School in Barcelona. As part of a programme of study entitled 'How the World Works' the children will experience life in the school as well as visiting the local area to study aspects of the city's infrastructure and culture.

In preparation for their trip, the children are conducting a programme of inquiry comparing the city of Bath to the city of Barcelona. Following the pupils' own interests, they are focussing on different aspects of culture and environment in both cities. The first area of study is a comparison between the Bath Abbey and La Sagrada Familia. The children enjoyed a theological and historical tour of the Abbey and impressed the tour guides with their 'inquisitive nature'. The pupils followed up the tour with an opportunity to sketch examples of the architecture within the Abbey, something that they will duplicate in La Sagrada Familia.

"I am really looking forward to seeing the Spanish architecture as I want to be an architect," commented Poppy Hedley in Year 7.

Georgia added, "I've been studying Spanish since Year 5 and I really enjoy it! I can't wait to go to Barcelona and speak Spanish there. I'm looking forward to seeing the Gaudi too."

Since becoming part of the NACE group of schools, cultural and language opportunities are opening up at Stonar, as part of curriculum collaboration with other schools in the group. This trip is the first of many planned joint ventures between Stonar and NACE group schools.