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Sport and Language Day

 Years 5 -7 took part in a combined French and Rugby day which brought language to life in a sporting context.

The day was divided in to two parts. After watching some video clips of French rugby, pupils were put into mixed age teams. They took part in a vocabulary lesson, learning key French words around team and players as well as the rugby terminology. Last but not least, some key phrases were added to the mix to spur team mates on during a match. The session ended with a game to test what had been learnt.

The second half of the afternoon was a rugby coaching session, led by Bath Rugby Community Foundation. No English words were allowed on the pitch and French words were displayed on posts around the pitch to prompt the use of French.

“The day injected real excitement in to language learning. Pupils were able to immediately apply their new vocabulary in an appropriate setting which motivated them and increased the retention of new phrases,” commented Marie-Paule Jones.

Further cultural and language opportunities are opening up for Stonar pupils as curriculum collaboration is explored with other schools. This summer, the first Year 5-8 language immersion trip to Spain will take place. Eighteen Stonar pupils will be travelling out to our sister school, the Agora International School in Barcelona. As part of a programme of study entitled ‘How the World Works’ the children will experience life in the school as well as visiting the local area to study aspects of the city’s infrastructure and culture.



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