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Meet Head Dr Sally Divall

Meet Stonar's Head, Dr Sally Divall.

I grew up in London and studied Science at Cambridge University, specialising in Physics. After graduating I worked in business planning and in scientific research. During my career I was involved in a variety of research projects that included looking for methods of retrieving fingerprints from items that had been underwater, modelling the impact of energy costs on industry and modelling the heating effects of ultrasound scans during pregnancy. I also spent some time working at Exploratory, the science centre in Bristol, and was inspired by the hands-on approach to learning to move into teaching. I initially joined Stonar as Head of Physics and was Deputy Head Academic before being appointed as Head.

My fondest memories of my own schooling involve doing science experiments that might now be considered too risky. We had a weather station on our school roof and had to climb out onto the roof to take readings; once out there we had fantastic views over London. We also had open fires in our classrooms and used to bring in potatoes to bake in the ashes. Apart from science my favourite subjects were Art and English and in my spare time I was keen on riding though, living in London, I wasn't able to do this as much as I would have liked. I know that I would have been thrilled to come to a school like Stonar where you can choose to include horses in your daily life.

I have lived for most of my adult life in Bath and have two grown up daughters. In my spare time I like to be out of doors and I take part in off road running and long distance mountain treks when I have the opportunity.

Having become part of the NACE Schools group, we are going through a very exciting time at Stonar: I look forward to seeing the school develop as a thriving coeducational community where pupils grow up to be confident and caring young people who are at home in an international world. I am excited by the opportunities that we are developing for pupils to work alongside their peers in other European schools and to take part in inter-schools events with the other NACE schools.

Academically, I want pupils to remain curious and open minded, to learn to think, question, debate and argue logically and to enjoy doing so. Alongside this, we have to foster creativity and provide opportunities for pupils to develop the personal and interpersonal qualities that will equip them to flourish in and contribute to the modern world. At Stonar, there is a real emphasis on each pupil developing as an individual to become the best he or she can be both personally and academically and our staff will go out of their way to support each child in this.

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