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Meet some former pupils

Rachel Lui (Deputy Head Girl) Stonar 2005-2012

"When I joined Stonar in Year 7, it was my first time away from home; I spoke poor English and was quite nervous. The staff and other students were so welcoming and supportive, I quickly felt at home.

I was not keen on studying but soon found that study was fun at Stonar. Since teaching groups are small, there was plenty of help during lessons. This was important because English is my second language and it helped me settle down quickly.

My passion for Law developed after my GCSEs. It is important to have a target which is also something you can enjoy. I studied ICT, Maths and Business Studies at A Level. My tutor and the Head of Sixth Form helped me prepare well for the university application process.

Being a boarder made me more independent. You have more control over your time which helps during exams as it is easier to manage your own time. Results are better as there are fewer distractions for boarders; you are more motivated to study and can achieve higher grades.

Stonar really brings out the best in you, with supportive staff and by providing opportunities to try new things. I was not really interested in sports but was encouraged to join a team and enjoyed it. Participating in public speaking really helped my confidence. I would never have dreamt of being a prefect, let alone Deputy Head Girl but I became both. The range of opportunities available at Stonar is fantastic and you are encouraged to make the most of them.

I gained a placed at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to study Law, a highly competitive course dependent on high grades. My career plans are not decided but I know I am well equipped to meet whatever the future brings and that is in no small part due to my time at Stonar."

Marie von Eltz Rubenach (Germany) 1999 - 2005

"Stonar helped me to become more independent and confident. At a very young age I arrived unable to speak a word of English and thanks to the small classes and the intensive lessons I was able to understand almost everything very quickly. I also met various new people from all over the world and am still in contact with them now.

The horses were a reason for choosing Stonar and would recommend the school to any horse lover. After Stonar I went on to Performing Arts School and have just graduated with a diploma in performing arts; as it is a tricky business you need a lot of patience to find a job but it's worth it."

Claudia Law (Hong Kong) 2003 - 2009

"I am now a Year 4 medical student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Looking back on those precious years I spent at Stonar, I feel extremely fortunate to have had such a wide range of opportunities and experiences in the loveliest ambiance, which prepared me to get to where I am now. The small group learning and interactive style were stimulating, and encouraged a good learning attitude. I learnt to explore ways to solve problems on my own first and was encouraged to ask questions not only when I had queries, but also about topics beyond the textbook.

The wide range of subjects available enriched me in so many ways, as did the different formats of learning such as group projects. Hence it was relatively straight forward to prepare for major exams. I joined extra-curricular activities such as the orchestra and sports teams. Through all the practice, competitions and concerts, I learned teamwork and improvement alongside my peers.

Stonar is very international; it is like a melting pot where you can see different cultures merge and people from around the world live together in harmony. Stonar is an all-rounded school that equipped me to achieve more than I could imagine and most importantly, I enjoyed every second in that lovely campus."

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