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Stonar is owned by NACE UK , part of an international private school group (NACE Centros Educativos Es) with headquarters in Spain. The school is governed by a board of directors which sets and reviews the policies, plans and procedures that will ensure the best possible education for present and future pupils, including the proper control of its finances. The directors' duties are to protect the assets of the school and to ensure that it is diligently and well run. The chair of the board of directors is Mr Andrew McEwen and he can be contacted by writing to Mr Andrew McEwen, c/o Stonar School, Cottles Park, Atworth, Wiltshire, SN12 8NT UK.

The Directors are expected to exercise independent judgement with reasonable care and diligence.  They have to act fairly and in a manner that protects the reputation of the school.  It is their duty to keep in mind the interests of pupils, staff and parents, as well as that of the community. They ensure that the school complies with the law, is solvent and complies with the financial regulations.  It must be adequately insured against possible public and employers’ liability (including Directors’ liability) claims.  The Directors have a duty to declare any personal interest in any transaction or arrangement proposed by the school, to avoid conflicts of interest and not to accept benefits from interested third parties.

An Advisory Body has been created, to whom specific tasks have been delegated in their terms of reference, being:

i. To advise the Board of Directors on the general strategy for Stonar in order for it to achieve its objectives

ii. The Advisory Body will meet to hear reports on current plans and development activity and to hear from invited guests about their views on future priorities and key issues in policy and practice

iii. To provide a formal link between the Head and the Leadership Team so that the Board of Directors can maintain an overview of all aspects of the educational aims and performance of the school

Reports at twice yearly Advisory Body meetings provide the members and directors with detailed information about the school’s successes and challenges for the future. The Head’s report includes summaries from various subject departments, which give the members and directors a clear view of the school’s academic provision. Heads of departments meet regularly with the Advisory Body member responsible for Educational Delivery within the NACE group of schools and present on their subject area or aspect of school life. This visit includes observing lessons.

At board meetings directors debate all aspects of school life carefully and participate in a relevant training. Safeguarding and welfare, health and safety are given particular emphasis at board meetings. The directors have specific responsibility for reviewing Stonar’s safeguarding policy annually and for maintaining a suitable accessibility plan for those pupils with special educational needs.

Stonar is a member of the following associations:

Independent Schools' Council (ISC)

Girls' School Association (GSA)

Boarding Schools' Association (BSA)

Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS)



Mr Sergio González Andión, Director, NACE (UK) Ltd and CEO, NACE s.l.

Mr Andrew McEwen, NACE (UK) Ltd (Chairman)

To contact the Chairman please address correspondence to Mr Andrew McEwen c/o The Bursar at the school address:
Stonar, Cottles Park, Atworth, Melksham, SN12 8NT 


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